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dev:launch is a software developer apprenticeship program. We hire and train individuals who otherwise might not have access to a career path in software development. dev:launch is a true apprenticeship program. Our apprentices get paid to learn while working on real client projects alongside their mentors on our experienced development team. Our apprentices experience full stack development by working in an agile environment that teaches them how to be an efficient and productive developer, not just how to write code.


Apprentices learn the basics of software and programming through classroom instruction, self-study, and actual coding.

Real Experience

Apprentices work on real client projects. They experience what it means to be part of a cross functional team that develops exceptional work to produce the desired outcome.


Apprentices are ready to be productive developers for you. They apply what they have learned and the skills they have acquired as part of your team.


Even after an apprentice becomes part of your team, we still support them and you. We provide ongoing training and education so they continue to advance their skills and career.


If you're up for the challenge and want to make changes in your life, this is the move to make.

-Diamond Ingram, 2015 Apprentice

wrench Ready to build

Some cool stuff and a career? dev:launch apprentices learn by coding, in fact, apprentices built this site. As an apprentice, you will work with AWH developers on real client projects. Apprentices are educated through 6 months of in-depth, hands-on training by working with an experienced development team.

The two application developers we hired from AWH grasped major complexities from our Sr DBA, System Architect and Business Intelligence Team, while positively embedding into our atmosphere, all within a matter of weeks. Further, this has allowed our team to instantly leverage increased productivity and reduce our development time cycles, while simultaneously fostering their new employee learning curves for our business. In all, we continue to benefit from AWH’s DevLaunch program and will continue to use them in the future as a catalyst to finding superior talent for any of our developer needs.

- Andrew Pees, ADVOCATE

Telescope A unique pathway to discover talent

We are a cost-effective, vetted, and loyal developer talent channel for you. We know more about our apprentices' hard and soft skills than any other talent channel. From a hard skills perspective, we know what they know, how well they know, and how effective they are in applying it. From a soft skills perspective, we know their personalities, we know how they work, and we know how they interact with others.

dev:launch serves as an example and precedent for companies to look to as they think about meeting their own talent challenges, but also, as they consider the impacts that can be made in becoming deliberate stewards of peoples' potential here in our region.

-Dessa Augsberger, Director of Talent Connections, Columbus Chamber of Commerce

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dev:launch creates workforce development and optimization that changes lives and drives personal, professional, and economic impact. We believe there are thousands of people in the Columbus area that can learn the skills to be software developers, if given the opportunity. We provide that opportunity. Let's engage to impact even more people.

Current Partners:

Columbus Chamber
Coumbus College of Art and Design
Columbus Library
Columbus State

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Why engage us for your project? Let's face it, dev:launch apprentices are developers in training. Because of that we realize we can't charge you like a big fancy digital agency (even though we'd like to). By providing a project in which people will learn by doing, you save money on development. And because apprentices are always working alongside their mentors, you can be assured of a professionally delivered project and a polished product.

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